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Founded in 2003, glaxy-mobtec.com is a fashion label created for the enthusiastic youth who enjoy reveling in the latest trends in lifestyle; be it fashion, music, innovation or social media as a means of expression.

Glaxy-mobtec.com has multiple product lines to fit both groups and their specifications-men , women and juniors. In each series we provide a wide array of goods to suit a wide variety of different trends and tastes, from extremely fashionable pieces and trendy sporting wear to more relaxed, everyday wear and simple clothing.

glaxy-mobtec.com’s product range also includes a wide array of footwear, accessories and fragrances, making it a one-stop high-street destination for all western wear wardrobe demands.

glaxy-mobtec.com has always been able to provide the best in fashion through a unique and flexible model that is open to adapting to the constant changes that occur during a season. At the same time, we are able to respond to key trends and develop them into wearable fashion in the shortest possible time for a collection that is fun, vibrant, and expressive

Today, after 17 years of meeting the public’s desire for fashion western wear, glaxy-mobtec.com has achieved in setting up 120 + shops in 20 cities as well as a increasingly popular digital store, all carefully merchandised to satisfy our consumers, helping them to create a wardrobe that represents them and their personal needs.

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